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> On July 3, 2019, we finally learned that, to our surprise, the Intel PSIRT team had missed the PoCs from our Sep 29 submission, despite having awarded a bounty for it, explaining why Intel had failed to address - or even publicly acknowledge - many RIDL-class vulnerabilities on May 14, 2019.

What does this usage of the word 'missed' mean in this context? That they lost it / failed to deliver the PoC to the relevant team? Or that they released a "fix" knowing that it didn't defeat the PoC?

From the way the phrase is turned, I believe they released a fix that covered all previously known PoCs but not those from that submission.

Generally speaking, that really illustrate the dumb way Intel is going about it, fixing on a PoC basis rather than going after the strong underlying problem. It basically screams "there will always be issues, the question is can you find them !".

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