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UFO Witnesses Tell the Truth (popularmechanics.com)
25 points by perseusprime11 32 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

I don't think they are hiding stuff at the top levels, because you-know-who couldn't keep quiet about it if his life depended on it.

Which is why they would never tell him unless absolutely necessary.

Actually it doesn't break the laws of physics, researchers found out that it was possible to change angle without any loss of speed under certain conditions, i think it was on HN top page few weeks ago.

What's the max G's a top drone can do? I'm pretty sure drones can do things manned jets cannot. I'm not saying they were drones, but not sure it can be ruled out yet.

They also speak of instant acceleration though. My first thought was that it maybe had no mass, just like the dot of a laser pointer could "move" faster than light, but it seems like some radar picked it up, too.


Funnily enough the Tic-Tac description looks quite close to the fictional "Droplet" in Liu Cixin's 3 body problem. This is fiction so the author might have been influenced by this event.

In the unlikely even that this was an alien object, the fact that it resembles something out of fiction is irrelevant.

I think the OP intended the inverse - that the fictional story was inspired by the description of the real life object.

the mentioned documentary https://youtu.be/-e9NoKp8EnE

video sequence there https://youtu.be/-e9NoKp8EnE?t=1573

Wondering if in any of the footage there were some fuzzy characters engraved on the side of the Tic Tac, that after being enhanced (thanks to some AI magic work) would come out to be "Made in China".

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