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I'm glad I started off not overclocking my 6700k with the intent of cranking up the clock over time in order to maintain the same performance with regard to software bloat and mitigations like these. I got lucky and can hit 5Ghz safely, with a base of 4Ghz.

Definitely jumping to AMD next time around though. My next upgrade was originally going to be dual Xeons but those Ryzen Pro 3000s are looking nice.

Yeah I'm looking into upgrading my 6500 to a Ryzen 3 3600. It's a shame there's no B550 boards yet.

From what we've seen so far B550 is pretty much just x470 (no PCIE4). And B450, B350 boards will do fine running a 3600. I don't really see a point waiting for B550.

It's mostly just that I'm afraid I'll order a board that isn't on the latest bios, which will be a headache.

And an excuse to postpone.

Some MSI motherboards (and maybe others?) have a "Flashback" feature to flash BIOS from a USB storage device without needing a CPU.

I was completely unaware of this feature, and blissfully saved by it when building a computer for a family member. It's a killer feature.

Oh nice, I had no idea. I might pull the trigger on black friday then.

Can confirm, mine supports this.

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