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Except Germany has the highest energy prices in Europe, and as long as that doesn't change drastically, e-mobility is for a minority of enthusiasts and people who can afford to be bad at math. Just look at actual numbers of vehicles sold where Diesel still rules. Well, government could raise taxes on mineral oil (already at 63% [1]), but the German state is already drowning in cash and could issue bonds with negative yield. Charging stations are also an area where it goes completely wrong since these are owned and operated by municipalities and monopolist energy providers. Housing also goes wrong especially in Berlin where socialist government doesn't seem able to attract investors and plays ideological games for winning a left-wing electorate instead despite massive influx of 40000 people per year, in addition to energy-efficiency laws and lack of capacity making construction unprofitable (btw. solar industry also goes south).

[1]: https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Content/DE/Standardar...

Within EU, immediate local demand is barely relevant compared to labor and manufacturing conditions, for setting up a factory. A Tesla factory in Germany will obviously supply at least the whole EU.

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