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Fast and slick. I like it. Does it support two dimensional copy & paste? ( this is usually done with pressing the left alt key on other editors ).

Column select is triggered by Ctrl+Left Mouse on OS X - Alt+Left Mouse will subtract from the selection.

Ah! So it's called column select. Oops! I am trying Alt+Left Mouse in Windows XP but it doesn't seem to work. Is it different under Windows?

On Windows and Linux you can use Shift+Right Mouse, or Middle Mouse.

Column selection interacts nicely with multiple selections, too: Use Ctrl+Drag (Command+Drag on OSX) to add selections, and Alt+Drag to subtract selections.

Multiple selections are very cool. I think you have done a great job with this editor. A final question: what is the recommended way to move between recently visited files? For instance in Visual Studio there is a file history stack that makes it very easy to visit previous files with Alt + W + n where n represents the distance in the visitation history. I keep doing Alt + W + 2 to alternate back and forth between two files. Is there a way to this in Sublime?

I am thinking about buying it to use under OSX. The XCode editor is not my favourite to put it lightly.

Keep up great work!

Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab cycle forwards/backwards through the stack of recently used files, in the same manner as Alt-Tab (Command+Tab on OS X) cycles through applications.

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