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This was a pure territorial war. I’ve seen the German campaign material, there was no sign of good reasons, at most a lot of misunderstanding of the idea of a startup incubator. I remember how I had to explain the idea to a very vocal campaigner who clearly did not get that Google was not planning to open a big dev center in their kiez after Google gave up. The underlying reason was the fear of rents rising in Kreuzberg.

They didn’t protest against the new Spandau Siemens campus either. Siemens being in the arms industry, while Googlers openly protested against any military-related research during the same year. It’s just that no nobody wants to live in Spandau.

The area around BER is even further away, and the close-by Adlershof is pretty much Berlins center for STEM research (many suppliers are there too). Could be a good move.

Oi, I live in spandau. It's very green...

You mean like Spandau bei Berlin?

Second largest district in Berlin with the lowest population .... From that you could say Spandauers are the most ... 'unique' of the Berliners.. Seriously though, the only negative thing (besides the constant bei jokes) is the food is pretty crap in Spandau -- that's improving though.

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