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Tunisian here: What made the revolution are poor people. Period. Internet may help to spread the word, mostly to the outside world and media. But I don't think that will have much pressure on a mad government and dictator. Poor people don't have Internet.

How the Tunisian Revolution succeed: It's war (and not civilized protests) that made the revolution succeed. Police clash with angry civilians. Police cars and stations gets burned and destroyed. Hotels and resorts are key point, too. Properties that belong to the dictator are also a key point.

One Police man reported that he sleeps only 1 hour during the protests days. Protests are 24/24, non stop. Some go for it in the day and some in 3 A.M. Everything that belongs to the president is under-fire.

Big damages in Police will get it tired and exhausted. So it should last 3 or 4 weeks. The economy will stop and the police lose its' prestige. (After the clashes, the police men are afraid from citizen).

Unless this happens, there will be no change. It needs time and patience. Even if the dictator escapes, there will be a need for protests against the remaining of the system and the population should work forward clearing what has remained.

I hope all the best for the Egyptian and the rest of the Arabic World.

What do you think will come out of all this?

I'm not sure about the Arabic world. However, Tunisia may see a strategic and amazing change.

Today I went to the café and all people are talking about politics. They talk about the new government, the elections, the prime minister, the old dictator...

How can you stop these people, in 6 months. You absolutely can't. Then, we'll meet again in the election. It's another turning point. Because, we need someone reliable.

If you have read wiki-leaks, there were many opportunities for investment in Tunisia. Ben Ali mafia were asking 50% stake, they were charging investors for nothing and implying that they take the constructions themselves. Lot of opportunities lost.

We have a strategic position, a young generation, a good educated portion. We can attract much more tourism and investment. Certainly that will need time, but I think becoming a developed country in the next 15 years is now possible!

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