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I really want to like peertube but I think its UX, at least where it stands now, is going to hold it back from ever challenging youtube.

I use youtube a lot, and for a huge range of topics. I don't have any interest in creating an account on a niche-specific instance and I think the average user who doesn't even understand what federalization does even less. However, I literally don't even understand how to make an account on what, as far I can tell, is supposed to be the go-to instance - https://peertube.social. If there's no main platform where you can watch and discover general content then there's nothing that you can point new users to.

As a developer, if you want to host a niche video site, then peertube looks great. As a user, if you want to move off of youtube then I don't think this is how you're going to do that.

Probably because:

> Signups are currently closed, but you can get an account by sending a message (including your desired username) through the "contact administrator" button above. Please read the terms first.

(from https://peertube.social/about/instance)

After following the documentation, It looks like joinpeertube.org is the peertube signup page. peertube.social appears to be a leftist oriented instance.

I think hosting a niche video site is more PT’s speed anyway.

There are plenty of video makers that have an audience that would follow them them to a new platform and PT is one way to do that and (possibly) keep more of the cut that YT is currently taking now.

As long as YT stays dominant they’re always going to have the advantage of availability and discovery so it’s honestly not worth competing for makers on that front.

>I think hosting a niche video site is more PT’s speed anyway.

I'm not debating you but just want to highlight the 1st sentence from the article of this thread: ", we have been developing a software to free us all from YouTube & Co for a year."

Whether the dev team really thinks PeerTube's architecture can replace Youtube for "all of us" instead of just niche content, I can't say.

> keep more of the cut that YT is currently taking now.

Keep more of what cut? AFAICT, YouTube creators make money from two primary sources: YouTube ads and Patreon. The latter is independent of YouTube (i.e. YouTube doesn't get a cut). The former seems very closely tied to YouTube. How would an independent creator even go about sourcing ads to show on their independent site? Do they want to put in the effort? Would they really have enough leverage to get paid substantially more than their cut of YouTube's ads?

> How would an independent creator even go about sourcing ads to show on their independent site? Do they want to put in the effort?

I'm pretty sure networks on Youtube are able to provide alternative ads on channels part of their networks already.

Any Youtuber can also put bake ads directly in their videos too, all the big ones already do that either in sponsorship, or literally as ads (see Linus Tech Tips as a reference).

So essentially PeerTube doesn't add anything in revenue, it only remove Youtube ads network (which can provide quite a bit of money without any effort in ads).

There's a list of instances that allow account creation: https://joinpeertube.org/instances#instances-list peertube.social is not one of them.

While your point is very valid it look like peertube.social isn't the got to instance as far as the v2 new information page tell.

https://peertube.social/about/instance "Peertube instance for leftist and non-commercial content. Unlimited uploads (up to 500 MB per day)"

I never used youtube account so as long as video are accessible without login on peertube it's a small bother, but yeah v3 should have some OpenID like mechanism.

I would wonder why sites don't just copy most of YouTube's layout. Japanese video sites thrive and look very similar, but with their own kind of community setups. Does Google own some sort of copyright or software patents on their 'content presentation'?

On that note, if we were to ever get efficient AV1 encoding/decoding in the browser it may be possible to eliminate the large conversion and bandwidth overhead that currently makes competition quite difficult

I don't quite like this way of "decentralization". If I understand it correctly, you have to pick up a provider to make an account. And then other providers can somehow link your provider seamlessly. Nice, but if my provider shuts down, all my videos and my account are lost, are they not? Why can't we simply have globe-scale storage with many replicas, with every provider hosting some files of others? That would be true decentralization, similar to how torrent is decentralized. Maybe the whole process of scheduling and routing is hard to design...

The interface on that go-to instance is quite slow. The infinite scroll takes a few seconds every scroll to catch up.

Also the actual content there seems lacking. Lots of non-English content (would it not be better to have some language filter?) and further down feet-tickling and NSFW videos...

The "federalization" of internet services...

I don't know why this came across so darn funny.

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