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It seems like they did not consider how they want peertubers to be able to monetize. On the contrary, it seems they have something against 'capturing your attention and selling it to Fanta'. I want this piece of work to be exhibit A in how staying inside your ideological bubble will ensure failure. I think it's especially sad since they used crowdfunded money so they aren't just failing on their own dime.

> It seems like they did not consider how they want peertubers to be able to monetize.

This is a valid point, the majority of [YouTube] creators want to earn money from their content, which would make PeerTube more appealing to creators big & small IMO.

Most of the YouTubers I follow have ads they embed themselves in their videos, sponsored content or patreons. I'm not sure the platform running ads is actually strictly needed. (+ of course it doesn't have replace YouTube to be valuable)

It'd be interesting if an instance could add them itself - I think doing it dynamically would mess with Webtorrent support?

Might work for bigger channels with a stable following. Which is great but they need to start somewhere. I have an old friend who owns a history channel on yt. History Hustle. His vids are quite good but he's no pro just kinda doing it on the side. He doesn't have any real kind of sponsorship aside of his one patreon and yt. I think a lot of guys started out this way too. But I remember how other friend bragging when he got like a few euro through it. I think that inspired it. I don't know how that kind of thing would work without the yt model.

Here's the relevant FAQ entry for that: https://joinpeertube.org/faq#what-is-peertube-s-remuneration...

paraphrasing: 'Getting compensated for your efforts is politically contentious, so we won't help you. But hey, we're open sourcey and stuff, so you can do it yourself. toodleydoo :) '

Look I don't really want this to fail. Would be great if streaming a video would no longer mean sending free money across the ocean. But they will have to change their attitude just a tiny bit.

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