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If you're interested in the Dragon Book, the older edition is dirt-cheap ($3.08 as of right now): https://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/compilers-alfred-v-aho/1100...

> If you're interested in the Dragon Book

I'm def. interested, but I'm not sure if:

* it's something that I can read for a week or two, for someone to use play with compilers & things (doesn't look like it)

* and if it'll pay off, as I live in a non-US country which means cheap editions are still pricey due to shipping.

Another option is to just find undergrad course materials for a compilers course and just go through it. Lecture slides can be great; sometimes they have other reading materials too. That should get you up to speed with the fundamentals fairly quickly, and most likely that's all you're looking for.

If after that you're decently good with those and want more, you can look at grad-level materials, though in my personal opinion the materials for those can be quite a bit more dry (and painful) if you try to self-study, at least unless you find a particularly good source.

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