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That's not true, is it? You're supposed to use the right tags so people with visual impairments can use screen readers to gather the right info, and so people can gather the data of your source more effectively. If you do this from first principles it's actually quite simple and integrates better with the css / js. Overuse of tags if anything just makes it more complicated.

The html may as well be the bedrock of your entire website, why not put in the extra work to find the best solutions?

>it's actually quite simple and integrates better with the css / js

That is just untrue, it that was the case, people wouldn't go for hacks, I agree the web for some parts are in a better state now that a few years ago, but for me it is still a nightmare, between features / tags / attributes that only works with X or Y browser, the number of bugs, the number of features still not released after being requested for years. Also if you want a specific design for your websites, sometimes going for <div> instead of "that more correct element that adds loads of shitty css by default" prevents some headache and allows you to prototype faster.

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