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#11 Giving a numbered list that has no ranking meaning and showing things in reverse order

#10 Making a simple webpage with 9 things on it and spanning it across two pages instead of just letting people scroll.

Haha yes, some of the examples aren't that bad so it's quite fair to cast a few stones back in that direction I think

To be fair for #11, it appears to be a blog, so that kinda makes sense. But with only 9 entries, it's a bit odd. No excuse for #10 though!

Is this pattern for SEO generation? So many sites take this approach - I'll be preaching to the choir complaining about how frustrating that user experience is.

While I'm ranting about web experience, how about Bitbucket hijacking the normal behaviour of ctrl-f in pull requests? Just.. why?!

No, it's typical behaviour for blog-type software: X numbers of entries per page; no allowance made for the length of each entry. Five novels on page one, four sentence fragments and a limerick on page two, etc.

Very good.

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