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I can't connect to this page, as Firefox is automatically redirecting me to the HTTPS version of the page even though it's not supported. I guess I don't run into this that often given how common HTTPS is, but maybe someone else has this problem with this site? If you are, have you fixed it before? I've tried all of the methods mentioned on this[0] page, and I'm on Firefox 70 on Linux Mint.

[0]: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/30532471/firefox-redirec...

Are you sure it's Firefox doing that? I've got 70.0.1 on macOS and it's displaying fine (with the red crossed out padlock in the address bar).

You sure you don't have HTTPS-Everywhere or something similar running?

(There's noting in the response headers or html meta tags that look like it'd be redirecting you too https there...)

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