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This looks surprisingly neat, honestly. I've never used Perl, let alone Perl 6, but I think I see why people cared about it.

Perl is pretty great and it was THE language to know before Java took over the enterprise in the early-mid 2000s, and python later.

Perl is its own thing, definitely, and it does a lot of things extremely well (though not always extremely fast) using code that is as succinct as you want it to be, sometimes to a fault.

It is worth learning because of its utility and because of what it can teach, even though you probably won't use it a lot.

Perl 5 documentation still stands out to me as a perfect example of how official language documentation should be. Lots of examples, lots of explanation, standard library and third party modules are named extremely sanely, and it's all just documented so well. Even joke Perl5 modules are documented extremely well; it's just part of the culture that other languages seriously need to adopt.

Raku represents quite an advancement on Perl 5. Perl was a "kitchen sink" scripting language when it debuted, and Raku is a modern take on that, which means that it has lots of undiscovered corners still, places that will likely be major programming paradigms of tomorrow.

Is it officially appropriate to talk about Perl in the past tense?

Perl 5 will continue to be the official "Perl". Development on that continues, and it has an extensive community, though not nearly as large as Python, which was once its peer.

What was Perl 6 will, moving forward, be known as "Raku".

Is that a "yes it is"?

No, it isn't.

No, just about people caring about it. (Okay, that was flip, but Perl has really lost its niche, and not many people are very excited about it now.)

Nah, plenty of people still care about it (I should know, I'm one of them!). And with regular expressions front-and-center in perl, I still find it wonderful for text munging.

Maybe I'm just bitter because of Parrot. I so wanted to use it for my language.

Then you should maybe have a look at MoarVM (https://moarvm.org). It is now the main backend for Raku (née Perl 6) and is all that Parrot was intended to be, and then some. If you want to get into it, you might want to have a look at https://github.com/edumentab/rakudo-and-nqp-internals-course (course materials that implemented a Ruby and a PHP on MoarVM).

That looks extremely promising!

Is Parrot dead (Monty Python pun intended)? I've lost track of the different Perl 6 implementations and their subparts.

Yes, the Parrot project is in deep, very deep hibernation.

I wouldn't read too much into it. "X is dead" is such a common sentiment on HN it's somewhere between funny and tiresome.

No. Perl and Raku are different, albeit related, languages.

I think technically yes, because the present tense should be referring to Raku instead.

Raku is not the direct successor to Perl, active Perl development continues.

No, Perl still exists (in the form of Perl 5) and is used a lot and will continue to be developed, now unhampered by Raku (formerly known as Perl 6).

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