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Boris Johnson has been accused of this. His truely bizarre bus making hobby is one example.

To expand, Boris Johnson heavily promoted a bus manufacturer in Northern Ireland (they went so far as to call them Boris Busses). The company eventually went into administration right during the Brexit fight and were laying off 1,500 people. People speculate in an effort to "SEO" this along with some really damaging news where he was alleged to be having an affair with a model and steering contracts her way, Boris gave a completely bizarre response in an interview:

> Speaking on Talk Radio on Tuesday, the frontrunner to replace Theresa May was asked by the interviewer, Ross Kempsell, what he did to relax.

> Johnson replied: “I like to paint. Or I make things. I have a thing where I make models of buses. What I make is, I get old, I don’t know, wooden crates, and I paint them. It’s a box that’s been used to contain two wine bottles, right, and it will have a dividing thing. And I turn it into a bus."

> “So I put passengers – I paint the passengers enjoying themselves on a wonderful bus – low carbon, of the kind that we brought to the streets of London, reducing C02, reducing nitrous oxide, reducing pollution.”

A few more cases have been ID'ed by people on Twitter:


Don't forget the other Boris bus with the claim that Brexit would save £350,000,000 per week.


>Boris Johnson has created the #BorisBus situation to bury the fact that three years ago he campaigned with an actual bus, promising Brexit millions for the NHS.

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