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McKinsey Faces Criminal Inquiry over Bankruptcy Case Conduct (nytimes.com)
117 points by howard941 24 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

McKinsey's practices are becoming more and more worrying as the company is coming under the limelight.

I can't forget their shady practices in South Africa which they tries to hide and NY Times aired them out and then they started complaining that the paper was targeting them.

Here is the piece: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/26/world/africa/mckinsey-sou...

Knew some people worked with them. IIRC they're one of the outfits that refuses to hire anyone but ivy league grads and as a result, every time you go into a conference room with them they immediately initiate a dick measuring contest in one form or another.

They were not well liked...

Had a similar experience with some people I studied with (full disclosure: i went to one of the top b schools) who ended up going there. I was sitting and having dinner with them about their internship and how they liked the job etc, and they seem to be fascinated with how consultants wore 4k+ suits and had platinum memberships on airlines...

The airline status is just because they spend their lives flying every week. More of a curse than a blessing...

People who were taught to chase and signal status instead of wealth.

The big consulting firms provide all of the same services as big law firms and big accounting firms and to some degree the services of big investment firms. The only difference is they operate without any minimum standards of ethics or oversight whatsoever.

> The only difference is they operate without any minimum standards of ethics or oversight whatsoever.

The real question is whether they make more money doing it this way. And I suspect they do.

It's amazing the amount of criminality that seems to originate in this once august institution. Repeated insider trading scandals and now this. And the malfeasance usually stems from the top. I'm surprised they still have much of a reputation at this point.

Well their reputation is mainly among those who also feel rules need not apply to them.

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