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Hmm...not sure how to expand on what I said. Perhaps an example will help:

If you go to a bank asking to borrow money they might ask "what collateral do you have to secure a loan?". If you own a house, they would ask you to bring in the property title document to prove to them that you own it (or some title company would do that work for them).

Patents can serve a similar purpose: you want to borrow money from an investor to develop a product idea into a commercial product: they might say "what patents do you have?". To them, the patent document serves a similar purpose to the property title in the bank loan case: a piece of paper that makes them think there's something of value that they can ultimately take from you or sell if the company doesn't succeed, or at least something that gives them a warmer and fuzzier feeling that if you were just saying "Trust me I know what I'm doing".

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