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In 1970, I actually got paid a salary to write applications in this Assembler language. Abjectly inefficient, but what a blast!

I did about 5 years of assembler in the late 80’s for a major bank (IMS and CICS systems). A set of structured macros supposedly from NASA, made it quite readable. These added if/else, case, loop constructs, etc.

Around 2012(?), working for another major bank, I was asked to make an enhancement to a funds transfer system written in assembler, as no one else left in the pool of programmers had any experience. I had to dig out my old text book which I luckily found, and my old yellow card, and relearned enough to make the change.

360 Assembly was actually pretty ok once you get past the whole EBCDIC thing. I still judge other companies documentation versus the banana book.

I was being paid to do the same in 1999!

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