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> Our society is based on the idea that the public in fact does have an entitlement to all IP except trademarks.

You need a citation to demonstrate that you aren't entitled, legally, to all IP? That's sad.

The constitution literally describes IP as "for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries." with "for limited times" clause in many, many court cases being taken to mean that everything eventually enters the public domain. That's why the CPEA couldn't extend copyright indefinitely like originally planned as constitutionally it all must enter the public domain eventually. The "forever minus a day" thing is their dubious legal hack that's blatantly at odds with the constitution.

None of this is really in question.

You're right, none of this is in question, because copyright laws exist.

Are you from the moon?

What part of what I said isn't true?

> Our society is based on the idea that the public in fact does have an entitlement to all IP except trademarks.

It is not, see copyright laws.

I literally cited the root of all copyright laws which very clearly states that all copyrights and patents are to eventually be public domain.

The key word is eventually, which makes what you're saying irrelevant to the conversation we're having here.

No one is talking about downloading media outside of copyright and you know that, but insist on derailing the conversation by continuing to talk about it anyway.

Except, as I've said multiple times already, that part has been perverted to where now "forever minus a day" somehow suffices. When they pull that crap to hold on to property that should be in the public domain, I don't feel a need to respect even the concept that they own that IP.

Right, but in so doing you're presenting an inconsistent and selectively favorable-for-you viewpoint, which in reality is nothing more than a smokescreen for your greed.

Point out the specific inconsistentcy.

I have elsewhere. If you want to discuss this further, email me. HN isn't good for any kind of protracted conversation such as what you're trying to have now.

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