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A crunch type culture and pushing can also create the issues seen in these problem projects. In fact I personally believe this is why more software and products are bad today, the product professionals are being overridden by marketing/finance and exact dates to meet some marketing goal not a good product goal.

Product people and engineers know how to manage time probably better than business because they are doing the work.

If something fails because it doesn't meet the market there are numerous reasons for that besides not hitting the date.

A good product, that hits the date, can still fail due to market timing or market movement and many other things. Whether a project is launched at a certain date has little bearing on the success of that project long term, short term it might meet marketing and financial quarterly goals, but long term success is always better when it is a good product, and for it to be a good product the people that make products and create value should determine or at least have some say when it is complete and ready.

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