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Show HN: k3sup – get Kubernetes and helm apps in (k3sup.dev)
85 points by alexellisuk on Nov 9, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

This is so cool. Two requests:

1. Can you make k3sup available in a docker image ? Shell script based installation is a bit iffy for most people (cannot version, lock, update easily). It may also make it possible to use Fargate to run k3s..which would be awesome.

2. Can you bake in metrics and setup HPA by default ? This is the most confusing part for most people. If you bake in advanced scaling stuff like AWS k8s node termination handler (https://twitter.com/schmutze/status/1192869032262684672?s=19) you will have my everlasting gratitude !

Kind (Kubernetes-in-Docker) is already around and it is somewhat of a niche use case. Minikube also exists to satisfy most of the use cases for single-node clusters on a development machine.

Docker does not automatically make software safe. If you do not know what is in the image you should assume that it is malicious as Docker images can gain root access to the host machine. I don’t see how a Docker image would be less “iffy” in terms of security or ease-of-use.

This is just a think wrapper for K3s, which already has a one-step installation and immediately provides a kubeconfig. Relying on this seems like unnecessary tech debt. It is simpler to just go straight to Rancher for K3s.

Nice project. A related plug: For locally-run VMs, I can do `./hyperctl.sh install net dhcp hosts image master node1 node2` and be on local multi-node k8s on Hyperkit, in, I don't know, 5 minutes. Similarly for Windows, `.\hyperctl.ps1 install net hosts image master node1 node2` for Hyper-V. This would create 3 local machines, but you can also just only specify `master` which will then be auto-tainted for normal scheduling.

Then you can do `hyperctl.[sh/ps1] docker helm3 repo` and you have a local docker build & k8s helm deploy system for testing. (*docker w/o the docker desktop app!)

Worked flawlessly for me so far. https://github.com/youurayy/hyperctl

Maybe you can use `k3sup app install` after setting that all up?

What a coincidence. I just wrote yesterday a tutorial how to use k3sup together with Kontena Lens (https://kontena.io/lens) to manage and monitor Kubernetes clusters: https://medium.com/@laurinevala/from-zero-to-kubernetes-dash...

Disclaimer would be welcomed that you are author at Kontena and working at the company selling this propriety tool.

Wow! This will help me a lot to install kubernetes. I am finding it very difficult to get started.

A basic install isn’t that difficult nowadays as there’s some good tooling around. The big problem is the subsequent maintenance and that’s why managed K8s is so popular.

I used k3sup last week to setup a 5 node RPi3 cluster. Thanks for the nice tool! Worked like a charm! I wanted to write a tutorial on what’s needed for a proper setup, since I am using buster and arm64v8, but not time.

I used this last week for a 4 node rpi4 cluster. Great user experience.

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