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Blockers bring down content quality by depriving content creators of incentive (freelancemag.blogspot.com)
2 points by el_programmador 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

I disagree with almost everything the blog post says.

From what I've seen from the internet, almost every content creator making something of good quality without ad support has decent funding backing them up, either from donations or paying customers (ironically, uBlock Origin, one of the best open-source ad blockers out there doesn't even ask for money in any way). Everyone else is playing a game of affiliate links, ads or both, and most of the time quality dies because they end up selling what will bring them the most revenue from sources of income other than the reader / consumer. I'm using the blocker to protect myself from the latter. The former isn't harmed by ad-blockers.

It is rather weird that the post tries to defend the "small guy using ads to support herself". The user is not using the ads to act against the small guy, but rather against the big players who're vacuuming every bit of data they can get by handling the ads / website revenue and throwing pennies on the dollar to the content creator.

There was a time when this argument would've worked. But now, with the internet being a cesspool without an ad blocker, this doesn't arouse any sort commiseration on my end.

Also ads do not benefit the little guy as they used to.


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