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> I assume what Ben meant was that it's impossible to implement reCAPTCHA entirely in an API. The nature of reCAPTCHA requires you to have a UI element, which would be impossible in an API.

That’s exactly what I meant. Thanks for picking up on this.

> The fact that attackers are exploiting this in the wild seems to be the most salient point, but I'm not sure that Ben knew that from the correspondence shown.

I know that and hence was working on a fix for the next update.

Even though some of my comments may not be in agreement with the author, but I did mentioned in my email conversation that I am looking into it. But of course that was being left out of the post, no screenshots of that comment was found in the author’s post.

If I had released the next update without addressing this issue then yes feel free to write a post with these accusations. But I wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt.

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