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listmonk supports arbitrary nested tags and attributes in the form of JSON. A subscriber can have properties like {"purchased_x": true, ...}. It's possible to issue complex SQL expressions to filter and send campaigns to subscribers.

The multi-list approach has several other benefits. When manager / sender (and other) permissions get introduced, it will be straight forward to restrict users to managing certain lists. In addition, multiple lists allow subscribers to selectively subscribe / unsubscribe from lists.

Internally, the structure is simple. There is only one subscribers table and subscriber data is not duplicated anywhere. List (foreign key) relationships are in a separate table.

That sounds very promising.

So in theory could you have 1 list and each subscriber has many tags, and then you can segment on those tags?

Also, do you have any public success stories beyond your own Zerodha campaigns? Have you compared delivery / bounce / etc. rates vs Sendy and other tools using the same email providers? Also how fast can you send emails out through SES?

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