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This is the putting one's head in the sand methodology of programming lanaguge design.

Go's answer to metaprogramming is source code generation. There are many problems with C++ but the existence of the template system isn't one.

For you it isn't. But for a lot of us it is cumbersome and just plain complex.

The source of complexity is in the problems C++ is designed to solve. I use C++ metaprogramming for problems that require it.

Sure, Boost is full of metaprogramming insanity, but with today's C++ standard library it's not necessary to use Boost.

10 years ago template heavy code in C++ did suck, because we had slow compilers, dumb build systems, 7200 rpm HDDs and a need to use Boost to augment the bare bones standard library.

I'll be the first to admit that C++ has decades of cruft and design errors. But the metaprogramming works pretty well now. C++'s current problems are (IMO) weird undefined behavior, e.g. the distinction between POD and non-POD types; having both pointers and references, the ancient exception system, and in general a lack of tools for enforcing memory safety.

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