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Which business concern of a machine is not an algorithm? An algorithm is a pretty general thing. If modularity works at the lowest levels by induction it works great at the higher levels as well.

I've developed and maintained projects that are more than a million lines of code (probably much more), and I've also written large haskell programs (5000 lines is large, since it encompasses what would have taken me maybe 30000 lines in C++). I can say that the maintenance time and error rate of my Haskell programs dwarfs that of any C++ program I've written or maintained.

We've also learned in software engineering that the defect rate is mainly correlated with the code size, ie. the complexity of the code and how much there is, or simply the entropy of the code. With functional abstraction, the abstractions aren't "leaky" and actually allow you to reduce complexity and forget about the lower level details entirely.

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