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I would disagree. I'm not a Republican myself, but it doesn't seem any different than wearing a Bernie hat or T shirt. He is expressing his political beliefs. You may find them offensive, and he may likewise find your views offensive, but I doubt either of you are doing so with the intent to offend.

How is a wearing a MAGA hat a CoC violation? This is so blatantly political that it's ridiculous. So 50% of the US (republicans) are in violation of the CoC. Echo chamber much ?

In your universe, what politicians are people allowed to support?

Is wearing a Bernie Sanders hat also a CoC violation? Is voting for a Republican also a CoC violation?

On what planet? Would you say the same of a Yang (MATH) hat? I loath Trump as much as anyone but this is utterly insane. We are not talking about Nazi imagery here, we are talking about a hat that supports the president elect - who by the way might very well win a second term on the back of this sort of un-american censorship.

A hat that contains a slogan he reused from the Regan administration to boot.


This is one of the more ridiculous comments I've seen on HN. What a world we live in that people are threatened by a hat.

Repeat after me: "There is no right to be shielded from offense"

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