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They're putting their apps out for the money, not for some principle.

If they need to drop Electron to get into the more lucrative 30% of the mobile market, iOS users, they'll do it as fast as they can...

Many of the apps in question are free apps... I tend to have Spotify and VS Code open most of the day. Then again, I replaced Mac on my home desktop with Linux, and getting rid of my rmbp in a few weeks.

>Many of the apps in question are free apps...

There's no such thing as a "free" app from a for-profit company -- except some neglected side project.

Spotify is only free because they want to hook people and then sell premium subscriptions to those that are up for it, others are monetized by ads, private info (eyeballs), etc.

"Free" means the app isn't charged for, not revenue generating directly... so jumping through hoops to satisfy Apples whims is not productive. Context matters, and I'm pretty sure you understood the context.

Electron doesn’t run on iPhone?

it does with cordova

Nope, Electron is a platform that Cordova runs on.

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