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Lots of trivial things are errors (like unused variables)

My learning experience with Go ended when I happened upon this. Unused variables aren't even worth a warning, and yet it is absolutely impossible to get around them in Go.

Maybe it's just my style, but I like to start out code with methods and variables in rough outline, and then build it from there. If a language makes that impossible well...there are other languages. Also, I didn't want to learn what other doozies Go had in store if they made that kind of stupid nanny issue a categorical imperative.

And that's a fine style to have - as long as they're not left behind when you commit them. Go is a bit painful in this regard, but it's targeted at maintainability by large teams over a long period of time, sacrificing local developer ergonomics in the process.

I mean I wouldn't object to it being a bit more forgiving in some instances, as long as it's as anal as can be when you commit some work and / or share it with others.

Of course, it's an open source project so in theory the unused variable check can be disabled.

Fast forward to someone maintaining your code full of empty method stubs and unused variables because "that's my style".

Housekeeping and maintainability are important.

can't you just comment them out?

_ = myUnusedVar


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