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It's a mistake to classify ethical norms as politics. We just happen to be living in an of era populism where rampant unethical normalization is masquerading as politics.

A honest look at society forces us to recognize the trade-offs that exist between values. Politics is how we negotiate conflicting values.

Fighting over ethical norms is actually a pretty good definition of politics. Or one key aspect of it, at least.


And this is where it ends, no communication happens because each side set its straw man and start attacking their strawman. From what I see, the technical community is mostly neutral, this time the offense is one sided

Also very much part of politics, although not actually at issue anywhere near this debate, as nobody is arguing against those things.

On the contrary, that's the exact issue at the heart of what happened here.

Way to fail the ideological turing test:


Exactly, people saying what is happening with Trump "politics" is really out of touch with what is going on. This is a fight for America, it is not politics.

At no other time in history have so many American considered just voicing support for a democratically elected leader is some kind of hate crime. It's honestly a little fucked up.

How about try talking to that person, having a conversation, finding out that maybe, hey maybe, you actually agree on a lot of things? We did that in the Bush era, and that man's administration (Cheney, Rummy and Wolfie mostly) wanted to start a war with every nation in the middle east (and did get a pretty good start .. a start that Obama kept growing on mind you).

When you classify everyone as "the other," you are no better and maybe a little worse, because you don't allow yourself to listen.

A fight for America, and a fight for what it's values are is exactly what politics is about. I mean, politics isn't really about voting about the color of a bikeshed; rights of people and ethics and how we negotiate large swathes of population having conflicts is the core of politics, and only when there's a consensus about the big things (which is not the case today) then "politics" becomes arguing about trivialities.

In other words, the other side should accept us, regardless of our politics, because that's human thing to do and politics should not interfere with normal human endeavors. But we are OK to exclude the other side because it's beyond politics, those guys are just pure evil.

I hope you are smart enough to recognize it can't work this way. There always have been politics and it was always "fight for America". Even before there was America, actually. If you want to have any civil society, you need to learn to engage with people who disagree with you. If you can't, both sides lose.

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