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Brazilian Judge Orders Release of Former President Lula Da Silva (apnews.com)
11 points by AndrewBissell 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

He is a thief and a corrupt. But given that the current government is not far from being the same, I really don't care too much if he is released.

With Lula or the Bozo, Brazil will remain being the country of the future, never the country of the present. So happy I ran away from that place.

Never ran away from using articles before adjectives, though.

Venezuela (rightly) gets most of the attention in South America right now, but I find Brazil's path from seemingly stable and booming to where it is now is much more intriguing as a case study.

Now that the elections are gone, there's no reason to keep him locked up anymore. It was just to remove the candidate most likely to win, instead of facing him in a fair election. Now it's easier to just let him go.

In 2022 there's probably new ways to prevent him from participating again.

It's true that he would win but it's also true he was corrupt. The current president isn't better but it's nice to remember how politicians can still pay the price in the polls.

That's not the truth. That's the version they are pushing since then..

What's your evidence?

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