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Thanks everybody, pretty much all great and valid points. This is all usually very much glanced over and oversimplified in most online docs and tuts in the "web development" area which is unfortunate since it's usually all mostly about keeping and maintaining said data.

I frequently get the self-awareness that there is a lot of sql functionality that I'm probably missing, misusing or completely ignorant of.

Particularly, the fk example just stood out because even though it's usually an integral part of database design i don't think enough importance is given to them "overall".

As @mpartel stated, as most orm's have similar functionality built in, their usage is just basically ignored. Also good example about the transactions stuff, I rarely see the use of foreign keys encouraged (and on your example pretty much almost required) in online tutorials and docs when discussing transactions.

More of a rant really, thanks again for the input guys! +1

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