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Report: Chinese Government Assigning Han Men to Live and Sleep with Uighur Women (nationalreview.com)
16 points by jseliger 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Every time I imagine that reached the absolute bottom of Chinese depravity they grab a shovel and dig.

I fully expect to ultimately see death camps eventually.

Saw this comment on Reddit:

>I went searching for more reliable sources on this and found this story from AP: https://apnews.com/9ca1c29fc9554c1697a8729bba4dd93b

It's from 2018 but it does back up the idea that there is a program where China places party loyalists in the homes of Uighur Muslims in a program called "Pair Up and Become Family." It also briefly mentions bed sharing.

They misspelled rape

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