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Growing up in the suburbs south of Seattle, I got to visit the Wizards of the Coast headquarters once or twice. As a 14 year old, I approached Richard Garfield one day and asked him if he wanted to play. We played two or three games, I recall I won two. He signed one of my cards and continued playing other folks.

For a 14 year old me this was a pretty big deal. Thank you Richard for doing that!

I grew up in south Seattle, and also got to visit the original WotC headquarters a few times. What an awesome opportunity that was. In addition to tables and tournaments for Magic players, they had a bank of networked computers where you could play multiplayer games on their LAN.

My favorite memory was when me and a friend tried a novel strategy in Warcraft 2 -- the "Peon Rush". Haven't heard of the strategy? That's because it's awful. We ganged up on another player, sending waves of peons as fast as we could spawn them. Our target crushed us both with, IIRC, a pair of ogres. One died.

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