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I really enjoyed mtg as a kid but played a few games recently and discovered I don’t really like it. I feel the use of mana makes the game slow and clunky. Moreover, a deck of 60 cards is a lot. My favorite card game nowadays is Gwent. With the small deck size and single card mulligans you can mitigate almost all bad luck and chance and design a really tight and cohesive deck. Also I love the 3 round format, makes the game very interesting.

Mtg at this point just feels dated and I think there’s better ccgs around. Net runner is also great and imo, deeper than mtg. The asymmetrical nature of it also makes things very interesting and deep.

The latest “London” mulligan rule is far better than the older rules and only became standard a fee weeks ago. It helps mitigate the mana issue fantastically well.

Interesting - I recently tried to get into Gwent and it feels extremely shallow and underbaked compared to MtG. There’s so little interaction between me and my opponent that it feels like playing solitaire and comparing the results. CCGs as of late seem to want to minimize interaction (counterspells, instant speed responses, etc), and I’m not sure why. Does Gwent have more of this at higher level play, and it’s just not apparent in the starter decks?

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