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They could for years do something about it. I.e. start offering DRM-free video for sale. They never cared, so the conclusion is that they don't want to do anything proper about it, they will only spread the DRM paranoia.

To be fair, iTunes and Amazon do/did offer DRM-free for some music selections.

I think blaming the distributors is misplacing the blame. The problem is that the distributors don't have the legal right to do that without contractual buy-in from content owners who fear that their golden goose will dry up if content is offered without DRM or if digital content can be kept and used in perpetuity by consumers.

Indeed, greedy and out of touch Hollywood execs are to blame. But as a consumer, we shouldn't really care.

Amazon has never sold DRM'd digital music and Apple has sold all of its music DRM free for over a decade.

Thanks for the correction. Even as I was typing it, I doubted my own memory.

Music yes, and you can still buy it DRM-free today. I'm talking about video specifically.

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