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For anyone wanting an alternative, there's Mailwizz - one time payment, and you can self host and connect it with SES/Sparkpost/Mailgun/etc.

I've mentioned it at least a dozen times here on HN because it's an underrated piece of software that works and is actively maintained, unfortunately their marketing is very weak.

Bonus: the code is not obfuscated, it's built on PHP using a proper framework and the author is very active on the support forums. I'm hosting it on Webfaction (currently migrating to Opalstack) for cheap and almost no maintenance.

Thanks for this, haven't seen it even though I've been actively searching!

I think it's hard to get taken seriously by companies when you sell a "script" on Invato too and I'm not sure why they do this? Why not just sell it yourself and receive more of the profits?

I guess it's somewhat easier if the product is good enough (Envato features it) and the developer cares more about developing than marketing it.

I guess that's true, everyone coming to the site will then see it featured and buy it.

Nothing prevents him from doing it in the future though, when he already have enough customers to make a recurring cost profitable.

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