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Well, I don't subscribe to the deprecating aspect of the grunting stuff, but many of these discussions read very much like transcripts of Plato's cave.

I had the same experience as a Java dev back when Java8 came out. To me, it felt great. To people using functional languages which this update ported to Java, it looked poorly.

It is hard to understand go's criticism if you have not experienced languages leveraging modern datastructures such as, for instance, union types/pattern matching.

But if you have, you really feel like the language lacks something.

For me, it's not even things like that. It's boring things like push, pop, erase, index_of, etc. that probably everyone has seen but that can't be written in Go.

You can write them, you just can't write them generically.

You can write them but to do so generically you need to do code gen. Unfortunately this means learning a code green template library.

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