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Does anyone know of a self hosted email list management solution that uses a tagging based approach of managing users instead of multiple lists, supports auto responders and also has a decent API for at least adding users to a list?

I have not found any self hosted solutions (paid or free / open source) and I've looked a lot in the past. I've seen services like Drip and ConvertKit offer this but both of them are at the high end of hosting costs. To put things into perspective it's $80 / month for a list of 3,000 users with ConvertKit even if you send nothing.

One of the more polished tools I've seen is Freecodecamp's https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/mail-for-good project but it doesn't support auto responders or tagging. I've opened issues on this 2+ years ago at https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/mail-for-good/issues/196 and https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/mail-for-good/issues/197 but I don't think they are going to implement it.

BigMailer.io isn't self-hosted, but for a list size of <5000 it's completely free, and supports bulk + auto/drip + transactional (via API) campaigns. We also have drag-and-drop template editor, Zapier integration, and live chat support 7 days a week.

ConvertKits is expensive - all plans fall under BigMailer's free plan :-o

I could be interested in writing one, having just written a semi complex wishlist management app with some overlap in user management features. Would nodejs suit a project like this do you think?

I'm more of a Flask, Phoenix and Rails type of guy but if you prefer using Node sure, you probably couldn't go too wrong if that's what you have extensive experience in.

Also a Rails guy but have found Node is quite a good fit for async work like managing email queues. Would use Phoenix but don't have enough production experience in it yet..

My company sells a self-hosted email list management solution that meets the requirements you mentioned:


Thanks but your self-hosted solution costs $600 to $900 a month to license it.

I was hoping to find a 1 time purchase solution that meets those requirements. Sorry for not being more clear in my description.

We also have a one-time purchase option. Although it starts at $6,000. We serve a lot of larger businesses with higher volumes, like Six Flags or Fry's Electronics, and email service providers.

Yep, I saw that. I didn't mean for my comment to come out rude either. Just catering to a different audience. Thanks.

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