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I mean, if I could just unspend all the money I've sunk into magic cards over my lifetime, I'd literally be probably have 10K+.

I've personally found that EDH/Commander is a good solution to the money problem. Yea, you're going to wind up dropping a few hundred for a deck (if you're staring from scratch), but the style of the format means you're not constantly chasing the "new hotness" of standard and don't need to worry about dropping $600+ just for your lands like modern. And I mean, legacy/vintage are just a way for rich people to show off.

The Commander's Quarters. Got my wife into edh so we have 4 players at home. 25-50 bucks per deck. And when I take them to the lgs, they are scary good (I've had to grab a weaker deck on occasion for the playgroup since I didn't want to be a bummer).

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