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A very long time ago (16-18 years ago) I saw that one of the artists (Dameon Willich) was also in the SCA and did equestrian stuff, I found an email address on some website for the period equestrian stuff for him and shot him an email saying I think it's really cool that he's doing the sorta stuff I like doing and to keep having fun.

Replied to me pretty quick, asked for my address and sent me a signed artist proofs of all the cards he had designed which was really cool because they have the card on the front but the backs were blank, just white. It made my month, any time we went to play at a store I'd get them out and set them out and if anyone asked "oh these are my artist proof good luck charms" just for an excuse to show them off.

Sadly all of my MtG cards went up in flames at a friend's apartment 3 or 4 years ago when he lost everything (including one of his two dogs) in a New Year's day fire.

I just looked him up again, he's still doing the period stuff, and dropped him a line thanking him, brought a smile to my face and I'd probably not thought about that in the better part of decade, good times.

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