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I really like the title and I don't think it's link-bait-y.


Because too many engineers I've worked with would bump into this situation and this would be their answer. They wouldn't take the time to debug the situation deeply enough and they'd blame k8s, or blame the network, or blame...

In my experience, the most common issues with complex distributed systems are much more likely to be due to misconfiguration because of a limited understanding of the systems involved than such issues are to be caused by core, underlying bugs. And I believe that's why some engineers shy away from otherwise valuable frameworks and platforms: they have a natural and understandable bias to solve problems via engineering (writing code) than via messing with configuration parameters.

Hi, author here. That was exactly the intent of the title, reflecting the reaction we (almost always) get from developers: "k8s is at fault", the result of most investigations is "not really". I try to make that evident at the conclusions, but I agree without realizing that intent the title is misleading.

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