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> k8s makes everything more complicated

No it doesn't.

This is only true if you don't need the features in the first place, and you haven't gone through the learning curve yet.

So I can deploy a single container. Works fine. You can tell docker to restart it. Works fine. If that's all you need, you don't need k8s.

But you may now want to deploy two containers. And let's say they are servers. Now, you need incoming connections from a single port going to them. So maybe you are going to deploy something like haproxy – which now you have to learn.

Also, you now need a way to tell if your service is down. So you add a health check. But then you want to kill the container if it goes bad. So now you add a cronjob or similar.

At some point, one machine is not enough. So do you replicate the exact workloads across machines? If you do, it is a bit easier - but potentially more expensive. But if you need to spread them across different machine types, it gets more difficult. And now you also have storage distributed which you need to keep track of. If you haven't automated your deployment, now it is the time.

Now you have this nice setup. It is time to upgrade. How do you do that? Probably some custom script again.

Instead, you can forget all of the above. You can spin up a k8s cluster with any of the currently available tools (or use one of the cloud providers). Once you have k8s, a lot is taken care for you. Multiple copies of the service (with the networking taken care for you) ? Check. Want to increase? kubectl scale deploy --replicas=<n>. Want to upgrade? Apply the new YAML. Health checks and auto-restart? Add a couple of lines to your YAML. Want to have different workloads over different machine types? That's also an easy change. Want to have storage (that follows your workload around)? Easy. You are in a cloud provider like GCP and want a new loadbalancer (with automated SSL cert provisioning!)? A couple of lines of YAML. Want granular access controls? It's built in. I can go on.

Of course, there's a learning curve. But the learning curve is also there if you stitching together a bunch of solutions to replicate the same features. Once you get used to it, it's difficult to go back.

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