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tl;dr : The Kruger-Dunning effect is most visible in the upper-management circles, where politics and charismatic talents are necessary skills.

Former engineering powerhouses like HP, Boeing, and IBM slowly get hollowed-out into incompetence when it’s assumed that Engineering and technical skills don’t require a considerable depth of knowledge and experience.


could it also be the normal generational rotation of people through the organization?

Everyone grew at a tremendous rate since the 1960's. Many, many more engineers. And then they retired.

I don’t think it’s generational. It’s just unlearned lessons of history.

The most effective leadership for a technical company is leadership with actual technical creds to back it up.

The technical side is a must because you need someone who actually understands the business and the innovations that must takes place. But you also need someone who can provide the people-leadership skills and the business wheeling&dealing.

These are all crucial skills and take up a persons time, so it’s not uncommon to see this come in the form of a duo (Apple and Steves, or Microsoft with Bill+Steve).

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