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Steno is great! But it takes a few years of hard effort to learn, and voice-to-speech tech is excellent now.

> voice-to-speech tech is excellent now

I wouldn't say that it's excellent now. It still has a long way to go. Small example, try enabling captions in Google's meet. Those are awful. Don't get a lot of words right, if you have an accent it's even worse. And distinguishing between different people talking? Forget about it...

It's true, that's terrible. But it'll probably get fixed in less time than it would take me to become proficient in steno.

Although, speaking to the computer doesn't exactly lend itself to an office setting. :)

You can use a steno mask so your voice doesn't disturbs others but also so that the voices from coworkers and other background noise doesn't disturb the speech-to-text software.

It would look funky though, and I've read from people having problems with their voice after an 8 hour day speaking software.



I'll take a keyboard any day.

Problem is probably not just speaking software. Talking for that long is tough. Period.

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