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> That's not true: they are making an investment in housing, based on economical considerations, that they expect to cover by reducing the health liabilities of the covered individuals.

And why, exactly, is that a problem?

Not sure what planet you live on, but here in the real world economics is the primary motivating factor for all societies.

> But it just sounds silly when you say they are "trying to help ease the homeless problem"

Why is it silly to say that? It's EXACTLY what they are trying to do since it directly affects their bottom line. They have contracts with the state to provide medicare - this let's them do it far more efficiently. If they can also do it while dramatically improving the lives of those they serve why shouldn't they get credit for that too?

It just boggles my mind that the Automatic assumption in this country is that all corporations or profit motives are immediate evil/immoral. Talk about real silly ideas...

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