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>> It is relevant though as k8s makes everything more complicated

More complicated than what? Without a baseline for the comparison it's not that useful. In our case we transitioned over the last four years from running hundreds of VMs provisioned with puppet and jenkins to running K8S workloads (on a lot fewer nodes than we had VMs) provisioned with helm/kustomize and using gitlab ci/cd pipelines. In my opinion the current platform is much less complex to understand and manage than the old one was. Yeah there are layers of complexity there that didn't exist in the previous platform, i.e the k8s control plane, the whole service/pod indirection, new kinds of code resources to manage, but it's all pretty consistent and works logically, and isn't really any harder to internalize than any other platform-specific complexity we've had to deal with in the past. And in terms of day-to-day development, deployment and operations k8s has been completely transformative for us.

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