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There's numbers for Amazon logistics in the article.

More to the point, Amazon themselves use UPS/Fedex under the hood in addition to their own system. But they hold sellers responsible for using UPS/Fedex if it's late only when not using FBA.

> fewer than 25% arrived within two days; more than half arrived in about three days and more than 15% arrived in four days

Those numbers are for delivery speed. Not percentage of deliveries that are late relative to the date promised to customers when they made the purchase

Considering that it takes Amazon-level resources to get UPS/FedEx to track down errant shipments and honor claims, this seems like a fine idea at first glance.

In my personal experience, “Amazon-level logistics” is just about the least reliable way to get anything to show up on time.

In my experience, it’s the opposite. I’ve had hundreds of packages delivered by AMZL, and only one was late.

Here in Germany they are late about 30% of the time for me but at least that means I get yet another month of free prime.

If a delivery is late it is often because of how it is packaged, and not purely on the delivery service

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