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It's the project behind Plover (https://github.com/openstenoproject/plover/wiki/Beginner's-G...), a cross-platform free steno program that works with normal (NKRO) keyboards and steno machines. There are also a number of hobbyist steno machines, made by the community, that run ~$100, instead of >$1000 for a real machine.



I'm typing this, in Plover, on a georgi.

There was just a post about using a raspberry pi as a USB device. I wonder if that would make it a good candidate for their concept of a self-contained keyboard (no drivers)

> normal (NKRO) keyboards

My brand new ThinkPad laptop has a keyboard with a pleasant feel, and a high-end GPU for (among other things) a 3D hand-pose human interface. But the keyboard is 2 KRO. :/

After decades of looking, and with screen-comparable AR coming in next year, I kind of expect to move on from the laptop form factor before ever finding one that doesn't feel like an HID facepalm.

Is the use of stenography related to the liberal use of commas in your comment?

could be the dude's writing style

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