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I used to work for a big consulting firm. A pretty fancy one, not the fanciest, but fancier than most that claim to be fancy.

10 years ago they had a big initiative around “Analytics.” I’ve programmed and worked in data for a few decades so I tried to figure out why these biz people were interested in Analytics.

When I asked they brought up all the terms you said. I showed examples from various projects how they were just describing basic data programming. But they disagreed because this was new.

I figured it out a few years later when they spent $5B on the initiative and it was making money like gangbusters. This was now a product line. It was new that they were selling it.

So now there’s people who want more money and need to differentiate and thus the titles and whatnot. I wish there was an easier way to view work output of people because now the only way I can differentiate between “data engineers” and “data scientists” and “AI wizards” is by looking at their GitHub profiles or talking to them in depth and profiles are almost never complete or accurate and talking takes a lot of time.

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